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Seller Representation

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Seller Service Includes

“A great Realtor is a connection you keep forever. With so many people working in the Real Estate industry today, it is more important than ever to build a strong real estate team.” 

Brett Stomps

(Watch: The Importance of Your Real Estate Team)

Real Estate Advisorship

As the listing representative for your real estate sale, you get access to the first hand knowledge and experience of a full time professional. Call anytime you have a question.

Reliable availability

My working hours are generally 8am to 8pm, every day of the week. Unless we make an appointment or otherwise stated. We will discuss how often we should touch-base during your selling process. 

Understanding the Market

As a seller, understanding the market before you list will positively impact your outcome and experience of the transaction. Once live, we will study past market trends and emerging day to day analytics to keep you on track to follow the market and procure a buyer.

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The Educational Process of Selling

Seller education is a major focus in Brett’s business. For sellers, this process often has more steps than buying a home. Being aware of these additional steps will greatly improve how smoothly you navigate this process. 

Visit Real Estate Guides to begin learning. There, you’ll find easy-to-read step-by-step guides on Selling a Home and Selling Land.


Your home is only attractive as it’s marketing to the prospective buyer looking online. As a Realtor who is centered around technology and information distribution, your online and local marketing will be maximized. 

Sit down with Brett to discuss a marketing plan specifically made for your unique property.

Broker Tour

As a benefit to working with the largest firm in the Columbia Gorge, the entire team at Windermere Real Estate stands behind your efforts. 

Prior to listing your home, have the largest number of Realtors tour your home and give final pricing opinions and last minute recommendations.

Open Houses & Showings

Open houses are great for increasing buyer traffic through suburb neighborhoods. If you are in a suburban neighborhood, we will collaborate with a local mortgage lenders and Realtors with Windermere to host an open house for you.

For showings outside of open houses hours, you will receive personalized notifications when someone wants to tour your home with an agent. We will work out your showing strategy together prior to listing if this is best for your goals.

Property Evaluation & Research

To accurately evaluate your property’s price given the current market conditions, Brett will tour your property in person and take a few reference photos. Brett will then complete an in-depth report supporting the pricing evaluation, market conditions, and potential property improvements.

Read the Property Evaluations service page for more.

Start the Journey

Here’s to doing great things with great people. Contact me when you’re ready to start the journey of selling.