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The Importance of Education in Real Estate

Brett Stomps
Reduce the stress of buying and selling real estate in the Columbia Gorge. Gather knowledge provided on to help you succeed.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Whether you’re Selling a Home, Selling Land, Buying Land, or Buying a Home in the Columbia Gorge, the importance of education in real estate is key to an enjoyable transaction. Knowing the steps in the process isn’t just a benefit that a Realtor has.

That’s why I created my Real Estate Guides and Market Updates pages. To give you, the client, the power and knowledge that I have. In this way, we make a stronger team together and we archive more of your.

Watch the video below to learn more about the importance of education in real estate.

About Brett Stomps
Brett is a Realtor in the Columbia River Gorge. He designed and built as a collaborative platform for real estate industry leaders to educate and empower buyers and sellers. In his free time, Brett enjoys photography, learning Spanish, and adventuring with his dog, Ollie.

The information provided on is intended to be educational and accurate. However, information on does not substitute as buyer and seller due diligence when transacting real estate. Buyers and sellers are advised to work directly with a licensed real estate professional, seek additional professional services when applicable, and to inquire at the state, county, and city offices for their due diligence.