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Steps to Selling Land in the Columbia Gorge

The ultimate step-by-step process to selling land in the Columbia Gorge. Explore how to sell different types of land.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

5 Factors to Selling Land

When working with you to sell your property in the Columbia Gorge, we will take into account the following…

Time of Year

Sell your property during the season when it naturally shines it’s brightest and becomes the most attractive to prospective buyers. 


Brett removes the unknowns and brings clarity to your listing by using clear photography, maps, legal documents, and more.


We can’t change the location, but we can improve the condition by making access easier & removing unnecessary personal property. 

The Market

As a seller, it’s you vs. the marketplace. Understanding the current market is critical when listing your property to achieve your desired outcome. Brett will update you on today’s market, or take a look at our Market Updates.


The price of your lot is your #1 lever for selling your land. Brett will conduct a CMA to help you determine where to price your property today.

Seller Representation

When we first meet, it’s Brett’s recommendation to determine if we’d make a great team together. There are a lot of moving parts in Real Estate, so teamwork is crucial to predict the experience and outcome of a real estate transaction. 

Through listening to your dreams, concerns, situation, and future goals, Brett will work with you to create a personal path to sell your property. 

During this initial consultation, we will either tour your property or schedule a tour at a later date. 

Lastly, let Brett know if you want this process to be a hands-off experience, or something you are more involved in.

Property Evaluations

In order to effectively evaluate the price your property in today’s market, we must see it in person. We can do this during the initial seller consultation, or at a later date. 

During the tour of your property, you become the buyer’s agent! Tell us about your land as we take notes. 

  • What do like/dislike about your land?
  • If you were going to keep it for another 5-10 years what would you do?
  • How long have you owned it?
  • What is the neighborhood like?
  • Why did you buy it?
  • Etc.

I will then return to his office and compile a, Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

See Brett’s video on, Real Estate CMAs in the Columbia Gorge to learn more, including how they’re made.

Suggestions & Repairs

Once the CMA is completed, we will have a better idea what we’re up against. This includes the marketplace in comparison to similarly active listings.

Depending on your available funds and desire to improve the condition or make a larger profit, I (Brett) can offer a priority list of tasks to improve your property’s value. You are the boss of selling your property in the Columbia Gorge, I am simply an advisor!

If you aren’t quite ready yet and want to make these repairs or upgrades, I will come back at a later date and re-do my CMA once the work has been completed. See our list of Helpful Contacts to get started.

Pro Tip: Sometimes in a declining market, doing additional work to your property may mean missing the height of the market if you spend too much time making improvements or upgrades. Work with your agent to decide whether or not you should make certain time consuming repairs. 

Short Plats & Long Plats (Dividing Property)

If your property zoning allows it, dividing your property into smaller lots generally is a way to increase the return on your investment.

Please Contact Brett directly to learn more.

Listing Contract / Commission

Before we can proceed with with listing your home, all brokerages require a listing contract.

This includes but is not limited to:

Seller’s Disclosure

Prior to listing your property on the market, it’s recommended that you complete a Seller’s Disclosure Statement. Often times, these are required. Please do not leave any box un-checked, and answer truthfully to all of the questions asked.

This is also a useful document for buyers looking to Buy Land in the Columbia Gorge.

Photography & Videography

When selling land in the Columbia Gorge, taking high quality photos is just as important as it is for homes. These photos create the first impression potential buyers will see. Drone photography has become a non-negotiable feature for all land listings. It’s a shame when sellers hire a Realtor who does not include this invaluable service.

That’s why Brett and his team at Gorge Realty Group have created relationships with the best local photographers and videographers (optional) to use when marketing your property. 

When selling land, it’s best to remove all additional personal property from the premises. With the exception of well houses sheds, and other well maintained outbuildings. Trimming up limbs is also a nice touch, depending on the size of the parcel.

When listing your land with us, we will include any surveys, easements, or topographical maps that you can provide (or we can find) to bring clarity to prospective buyers. 

Broker Tour

Windermere Real Estate in the Columbia Gorge is home for the largest number of experienced brokers in town. Prior to listing your property on the market, allow our team of brokers to tour your land in advance and provide any final suggestions or pricing opinions. 

Pro Tip: This is also a great way for Brett to showcase your property to local brokers already working with buyers in your area. 

Listing Live

It’s go time (and time for the signs!)

We will do a final review of your listing for any last touch-ups and we will begin to market your home for sale! If you have any special showing requests for your property, let Brett know! An example may be, “An agent must be present”.

Offer Review / Mutual Acceptance

If your property is priced correctly for it’s condition, location, and current market, you will likely receive an offer somewhere near the average DOM (days on market) for the current market pace. 

Whether you received multiple offers or just one, Brett will work with you to explain the benefits of each offer and help you either counter or decide which offer to take based on your specific needs.

Once all terms of Purchase & Sale Agreement are signed by all parties to the transaction, you will be, “Mutually Accepted“. Congrats! 

Pro Tip: The market will influence the types of terms you can expect to receive.

Buyer Contingencies

See our Buying Land page to learn more about the buying process and the contingences a buyer has. Generally, these are the same as in other markets, assuming the market is balanced. When selling land in the Columbia Gorge, once the listing is live, the seller does not have to do a lot. 

These contingences generally include, but are not limited to:

Septic Pumping & Inspections

If your property is served by a private on site Septic System, this will apply to you. If you are on city sewer, it won’t. 

In some cases, usually in Washington, where the buyer has a septic inspection contingency, it is required by the seller to have the Septic System Pumped to allow for the buyer to inspect it. Traditionally, sellers are asked to pump and pay for the inspection (both).

Closing of Escrow & Recording

Prior to Closing, escrow will call and schedule a time for signing with you on or near the contractual closing date. 

On signing day, you will meet with the closing agent who will review your closing documents with you as you sign. In some cases, this can be done remotely with a traveling notary (ask).

Once completed, that’s it! Now you wait until the property is transferred into the buyer’s name at the county and you receive the funds for your property, minus any loans you may have, and commissions.

Congrats on selling your land in the Columbia Gorge!

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The information provided on is intended to be educational and accurate. However, information on does not substitute as buyer and seller due diligence when transacting real estate. Buyers and sellers are advised to work directly with a licensed real estate professional, seek additional professional services when applicable, and to inquire at the state, county, and city offices for their due diligence.