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Photo Ready Checklist

Mary Springston
Real estate has enough moving parts. So, here's a checklist to refer to before getting photos taken of your property. This list is not completely inclusive. Talk to your Realtor to locate any more areas of improvement.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Photography is Your First Impression

First impressions are the most important marketing piece a seller has to Selling a Home or Selling Land. So, the photography used to capture the eye of the buyer and draw them in is the name of the game. Therefore, take this photo ready checklist seriously if you are a seller.

Photos and Statistics

To emphasize how important photography is for seller marketing, a survey done by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in 2021 (page 14) determined that 89% of a real estate website’s value came from photography.

In another study from NAR in the 2020 Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers report, it was found that 96% of buyers used online tools in the search process of finding a home. So, it is not a surprise that online websites like and are responsible for many of our buyer’s first impressions today.

Quality Matters

Unquestionably, getting your listing photos done by a professional is a non-negotiable. Certainly, if your realtor whips out their cell phone or any other outdated camera, find a new realtor straightaway! Undeniably, they are leaving your money behind at the closing table.

Thankfully, you are here, and if you’re selling your home with Brett, use my photo ready checklist before I arrive to make your house standout above the rest.

Photo Ready Checklist

General Items
  • Turn on all overhead lights and lamps
  • Turn off all ceiling fans
  • Turn off all TV’s and hide remotes
  • Open all curtains and blinds
  • Hide toys, pet items, etc.
  • Clean off countertops of extra appliances, phone chargers, mail, etc.
  • Remove soap, sponges, dishes, etc.
  • Clear refrigerator of magnets, photos, etc.
  • Hide garbage can
  • Organize walk in pantries
  • Clean off countertops
  • Remove bath products from tub/shower
  • Hang fresh, coordinating towels
  • Close toilet seat
  • Make beds
  • Put away all clothes
  • Remove items from nightstands
  • Organize walk in closets
  • Close garage door
  • Remove all vehicles and trailers from driveway
  • Mow, rake or shovel-depending on the season
  • Hide garbage and recycling cans
  • Remove seasonal items
  • Uncover and arrange outdoor furniture and grills

Storing Belongings

Photographers in general will do their best to assist in any last minute details, but as a general rule, the home will be photographed “as is”. Smaller closets and the garage are typically safe places to store items when decluttering or packing. Even staging in a secondary bedroom or office space is acceptable from time to time if the garage is full. After all, you’re moving!

In conclusion, work with your Realtor to determine what is feasible with your timeline and desired outcome for presenting your home to the market. Ultimately the final decision on the home’s overall presentation is up to the home owner. I hope this photo ready checklist was useful.

About Mary Springston

The information provided on is intended to be educational and accurate. However, information on does not substitute as buyer and seller due diligence when transacting real estate. Buyers and sellers are advised to work directly with a licensed real estate professional, seek additional professional services when applicable, and to inquire at the state, county, and city offices for their due diligence.