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How to Find Well Reports in the Columbia Gorge

When you are Buying Land in the Columbia Gorge finding well reports can tell you a lot about the property's current well, or a potential future one. It doesn't take a lot of effort and you can find well reports in a matter of minutes. This can be done before you submit an offer for a property.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Video Walk-Through

I created a step-by-step guide on exactly how I do my well reports for my clients.

The History of a Well

Find a previous well report for an already existing well, then compare the results to a new well flow test on the same well during your well due-diligence period. This is a handy way to determine how the well is producing over time. Is the well producing the same gallons per minute as it was when it was first installed? Or since it’s last flow test?

If there are enough well reports for a single well, these reports may even tell you if a well has been deepened over the years. However, this report is not always recorded with the state, and is rarer to come across.

Finding Information on Nearby Wells

Is there not a well on the subject property you plan to purchase? Search a radius around the property to gather information about other nearby wells. What is their average depth, gallons per minute, when were they installed, and by who?

Determining Radius of Search

When I am searching wells, I do my best to search in areas along the same elevation of the subject property. I don’t want to search too far away, but I also don’t want to compare wells that are clearly atop a hill a few hundred feet above the subject property. Use a topography layer on the online map to assess your tolerance here for your personal search result.

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