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Homebot – The Friendly Property Insight Tool

Brett Stomps
Hello everyone, thanks for checking in on Homebot. Let me tell you what it is about and how it may be useful to you.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

What is Homebot?

Homebot is more than a free property evaluation service to track property value over time. It is a tool that provides financial suggestions based on how long you’ve own your property, the equity you have it in, and displays different opportunities to help you grow with your asset. This is a new program to me, so I’m sure there’s far more that it offers!

One thing I do want to caveat…

Homebot does not offer a Full Property Evaluation like the one I would give you. What I mean by this is, it cannot see inside your home like I can and it does not see what your yard looks like either. It also does not know the improvements that you’ve made since you have lived in the home. These can be edited and Homebot will use algorithms from different data sets to assess current local market conditions and the data we’ve given it.

Why Use Homebot

The output for a tool like Homebot is the following:

  1. Provide you home pricing evaluations on a regular basis.
  2. Provide you financial suggestions pertaining to your home’s equity, payments, trade up potential, what you’ve paid so far, and more.

The benefit is really the continued email updates and the easy of use it provides. If you want something more in-depth than Zillow or, this is by-far the tool for the job and you can unsubscribe anytime.

Try Homebot

Homebot is a free service by using my link. It will tell me you’ve joined. That way I can help you manage any edits that you or I think should be made. After all, we’re a team!

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