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Where is The Dalles, OR?

Is The Dalles for you?

Discover The Dalles, the vibrant and thriving hub of Wasco County, Oregon. Boasting a population of 16,010 according to the 2020 census, this city is the largest on the Oregon side of the Columbia River between the Portland Metropolitan Area.

The Dalles is a city that offers the best of both worlds – the charm of a small town and the convenience of urban living. Located in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, residents enjoy stunning natural scenery, outdoor recreational opportunities, and a moderate climate with plenty of sunshine throughout the year.

The Dalles offers a lot in terms of affordable homes, professional services, abundant access to health care, restaurants, and entertainment.

The Dalles Dam


The community in The Dalles, OR is a dynamic and supportive one. There is always something going on, event-wise, so residents can expect to have plenty of opportunities to get involved and meet new people.

Additionally, the people here are generally pretty friendly, and it’s easy to strike up a conversation with locals and quickly develop a friendship.

From the Cherry Festival and First Friday, to the Farmers Market, Wasco County Fair, and Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, residents and visitors can enjoy a variety of activities that celebrate local culture and interests.

For a list of community activities visit: Calendar of Events

Real Estate Market

How competitive is the market?

The real estate market in The Dalles is very stable due to a larger inventory of similar homes.

Since The Dalles is only a few minutes away from Hood River, OR and has the largest economy in the Columbia Gorge, The Dalles is a popular first place to buy and grow equity.

Property values

Property values are on the low to medium-high side in The Dalles. From fixers to million dollar homes, there is something for everyone in The Dalles.


If you enjoy being close to everything you could possibly need, The Dalles is for you. With more services, including food, clothing, automotive, construction, health care, etc, than any other town in the Columbia Gorge, The Dalles is an important location to many.

The History of The Dalles

The city of The Dalles holds historical significance as a prominent Native American trading center in the past and is situated in one of the most important archaeological regions in North America.

In the 1810s, a significant number of Americans and Europeans traversed through the location that eventually became known as The Dalles. They were actively involved in the North American fur trade and worked as employees of either the American Pacific Fur Company (PFC) or the Canadian North West Company (NWC).

During the early 1840s, a substantial influx of American settlers migrated to the west, traversing the Oregon Trail and ultimately arriving at The Dalles – where the trail came to a halt. Beyond this point, the path was inaccessible to wagons due to sheer cliffs that plunged into the Columbia River. Before the construction of the Barlow Road in 1846, the sole means of reaching Fort Vancouver and the Willamette Valley was by floating down the river from The Dalles.

Lastly, the construction of The Dalles Dam in 1957 caused the submergence of the Long Narrows and Celilo Falls.

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