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Where is Lyle, WA?

Is Lyle for you?

Looking for a place to live that offers a little bit of everything? Look no further than Lyle, WA! This prime location is the perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts and peace-seekers alike. With its close proximity to Hood River and White Salmon, it’s no wonder the real estate market here is expanding.

Fishing, windsurfing, and hiking are just a few of the reasons locals and tourists can’t get enough of this area. Sure, the summers are dry and sunny, but the winters can be chilly and even snowy! But hey, who doesn’t love a little variety, right? 

While the restaurant scene may not be the most happening, the wineries, stunning views, and tranquil vibes will more than make up for it. Continue reading to see if Lyle is right for you!

Vintage road in the spring of Lyle, WA

Real Estate Market

How competitive is the market?

As a Realtor in Lyle, WA I have first hand experience in this marketplace. In terms of competitiveness, Lyle can be a real mixed bag if the right type of property comes on the market. In comparison to Goldendale, WA, Lyle is more competitive due to the proximity to the Columbia River Gorge and other areas like White Salmon, WA & Hood River, OR.

Property values

Since Lyle is close to the Columbia River where most people want to live, property values in Lyle, WA have been increasing over the years as demand increases. Prices in Lyle, WA are considered to be medium to medium-high.

Lyle Washington Oak Trees
Oak tree forests in the spring time.

The History of Lyle

The community of Lyle was founded in 1859 under the name “Klickitat Landing,” with Egbert French as its first European settler. James O. Lyle bought French’s property in 1866 and became the first postmaster after he created it, with mail delivered by steamer. 

Steamboat operations ended with the completion of the North Shore Railroad, and the town was bypassed by the Spokane, Portland, and Seattle Railway in 1907. The current townsite was created in 1909, and the older townsite became known as “downtown.” Fun Fact: Did you know Lyle had a small airport in 1941?

Iconic barn nestled above the town of Lyle, WA

Things to do in Lyle

Lyle is known for its proximity to popular windsurfing beaches like Doug’s Beach, fishing along the Klickitat river, and wine tasting that attracts enthusiasts from all over. Being the home of 6 boutique wineries, visitors and residents enjoy an abundance of the best wines in the Gorge. 

Other things to do in Lyle include hiking or biking the Klickitat Trail, picking cherries at the Lyle Cherry Orchard, and hitting the rope swing under the Lyle bridge into the Klickitat River. Just to name a few…

The downtown area has a variety of small businesses, including a grocery store, restaurants, and a hotel, but they aren’t the main reasons people visit Lyle.

The further east you go in the Columbia Gorge, the softer the landscape becomes.