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Where is Klickitat, WA?

Is Klickitat for you?

One of the biggest complaints about the Town of Klickitat is the drive to get there! It’s about a 40 minute drive to the Hood River Bridge, but thankfully, it’s very scenic. It’s a good thing too that Klickitat County Public Works keeps HWY142 clear of snow throughout the winter for those living in this valley.

If you are looking at making this valley your home, be ready for later sunrises, earlier sunsets, oak trees, and sounds of the Klickitat river!

When you drive into the Klickitat valley, it’s as if time stops, and that’s because you don’t have any cell service!

This is one of the few areas where you can find low bank river front property in the entire Columbia Gorge. Yes, it is a flood plain according to FEMA.

Real Estate Market

How competitive is the market?

The market in the Klickitat valley and in the town of Klickitat is quite competitive for affordable homes. Though, higher priced homes are not as competitive.

Popular products in this area include riverfront properties and properties in the town of Klickitat (which offer favorable zoning for investments).

A lot of the housing in the town of Klickitat consist of rentals, supposedly owned by prior workers of the St. Regis mill.

Property values

In the town of Klickitat, homes are generally 100K to 350K, and 350K to 800K if it outside the town of Klickitat. Homes outside of the town of Klickitat are generally larger, on more land, and are newer.

Land values in the town of Klickitat are hard to estimate, but generally prices are not too expensive comparatively due to the steep slopes within the valley. Waterfront properties are of course, highly desirable for recreational buyers. The likelihood of riverfront property coming up for sale is extremely minimal (rare).

Expect this area to continue to increase in value, as it is still one of the last affordable “small towns” in the Columbia Gorge. See: Affording a Home in the Columbia Gorge

Remodeled 1924 Mill Worker House
Investing in the Town of Klickitat

History of Klickitat (some of it anyways)

Several books have been written about and/or include the town of Klickitat. The most notable being, “So this is Klickitat” by Selma J. Neils.

The origin of the name “Klickitat” has been lost in the past, but some said it came from the sound the Indian’s horses made as they galloped through the valley. In the Klickitat’s native tongue, they called themselves the “Whush-Phu-Pums.”

When white settlers came to the valley, as early as 1907, the Holmes Bros Western Pine Lumber Company moved into the area, and in 1911 established a sawmill on the Klickitat River just on the north end of town.

Over the remaining years, the town of Klickitat remained a mill town, with several mill owners coming and going. Most of the homes today in the town of Klickitat were built and owned by the mills as benefits to their workers. It wasn’t until the St. Regis mill sold the industrial village. Employees renting the company-owned dwellings had the opportunity to buy them at tax-assessed values.

Community Life

As to the life long resident of the Town of Klickitat, they remember it as a booming mill town. To today’s resident, Klickitat is a quiet and simple place to live.

This little town features one grocery store and 2 or 3 restaurants. One of which restaurants is Huntington’s, and it’s famed for the best steaks in all of the Columbia Gorge.

From within the suburbs of Klickitat, you’ll hear the school bell ring, smell the neighbor mowing their lawn, and be offered join someone’s family at dinner. Or, at the very least, be offered a hand with something around your home.

It’s very easy to get involved and fall in love with the slow pace small town charm of Klickitat.

Things to do in Klickitat

The Klickitat river is the #1 attraction point, with some of the best fishing in the gorge, either hire a guide, or self navigate these friendly waters. Not a fisher? Grab a floatie and float the Klickitat all summer long. The water is shallow and the waves gentle.

Stay at the Klickitat River Inn, visit the Klickitat Museum and then grab a bite to eat at Huntington’s Bar & Grill.